Why Host With Us?

Validity Publishing Company maintains a network of sites all of which exist to promote one of the most beautiful areas of America- The Natchez Trace Parkway. Our members have been specially selected to be a part of our growing community and are connected by a common desire to network their services and places of business along or near the Natchez Trace communities.

  • VPC’s hosting system is built on the WordPress platform which has become the most used Content Management System in the world.
  • Your site comes pre-configured with the proper settings to insure it’s completely indexed by search engines.
  • VPC maintains off-site backups of your site in case disaster strikes.
  • To assure your content is always protected from hacking attempts and security issues, VPC conducts bi-weekly audits of all our sites to insure your site always has the latest software and plug-in updates.
  • If a provider offers low budget hosting you also get low a low budget support group (or person) that’s supposed to know the issues involved with every web platform in the world. (there are thousands of them) Validity Publishing  only builds in and supports the WordPress platform. We’re convinced it’s the best and most versatile platform available and we’re well versed in the day to day issues of keeping your website running smoothly.
  • Low budget hosting companies usually farm out their tech support to offshore providers whose English is often hard to understand. When you talk to someone at Validity Publishing, you get someone with a familiar “Southern Accent”.
  • Most of the websites hosted with low budget providers are housed on crowded and overworked servers and deliver content much slower than the servers at VPC.
  • Hosting at VPC allows you to share combined resources with your neighbors along the Natchez Trace and our network channels all your internet activity into our central news feed. Your network neighbors are all connected in someway to The Natchez Trace and share the common goals of being proud of their community and wanting to promote their particular business or interest through the syndication of their online content. All posts made to your site enter into the main news feed of ValidityPublishing.com which is syndicated through out the world.
  • At VPC your site is hosted under our dedicated IP address which means we know all your virtual neighbors. (See our note on IP Neighbors below). Each member of our network is expected to abide by rules of conduct which prevents misuse of our combined resources.
  • You have total control of your site as far as content, layout, choice of color schemes, and design. Additional fees may apply if you need assistance with extensive customization.
  • VPC provides video tutorials (available to network members only) to assist with all aspects of maintaining a “well oiled” site.
  • VPC curates a number of plug-ins proven to work error-free on our platform. This allows 1-click addition of services that provide the integration of shopping carts, Google analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media streaming and many others at little or no additional cost. Additional programming costs may be associated with plug-ins (such as shopping carts) that require a great deal of customization.

ABOUT IP ADDRESSES- In the real world, the neighborhood where your business is located does a lot to influence your customers opinion of you. If you operated a children’s day care center and a busy “porn shop” moved in across the street, not only your business but most of the businesses in the neighborhood would likely suffer. You unwittingly become guilty by association by simply occupying the same space in the world. Likewise in the virtual world an IP number becomes your neighborhood. With all cheap hosting solutions it’s standard procedure to host your site on an IP address with a minimum of 300-400 unrelated websites. Some of them are known to host 20,000 or more websites under the same IP number. Your actual number of IP neighbors is readily available to anyone by going to http://www.my-ip-neighbors.com/ and typing in your domain name. This also produces (up to a certain number) a list of all you neighbors so you can actually see who they are. Unfortunately if a website belonging to one of your IP neighbors gets hacked and contains a security breach, conducts questionable email practices, or contains pornography, not only their domain name can get blacklisted but their neighborhood/IP address is blacklisted as well. If this happens, because you share the same IP number, your email is automatically blocked by most anti-spam software and a warning message is generated when a visitor comes to your site. The fact that we know all our virtual neighbors and they’re required to follow certain guidelines insures your site won’t wind up on somebody’s blacklist because your neighbor is sending bulk email, promoting a “Ponzi Scheme” or participating in other activities that could get you banned.